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House and Garden cover June 2020

Holiday Homes – to have or not to have ?

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As the Summer draws to a close I write about the Holiday Home debate. Does owning your own holiday home prevent one from traveling the world or is it instead an opportunity to nurture, benefit from familiarity and create years of memories?

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to take our family to my in-laws house in the Alps for the past twenty five years. It has been an opportunity beyond measure as we have got to know the local scenery, made friendships and embraced all that the mountains have to offer in both summer and winter.

Similarly, Granny bought a rambling house overlooking the sea on the Isle of Wight which was the place of many family holidays year on year since the 30s. The familiarity of the senses – the salt, the sand, the sea air, not to mention the wallpaper hung upside down and which still remains a family amusement for the past four generation is beyond special. So for me, it’s a yes to the holiday home, for nostalgia, familiarity, friends and a sense of family history. It’s a good thing I believe in it as we embark on our third holiday home project this year!

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