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Tile Like You Mean It !

Tile trends for 2023 show how this enduring design feature can continuously be reinvented to transform the look and feel of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond.

Tiles are some of the most decorative and versatile surface finishes, and have been a staple within interiors for centuries, with an evolution of shapes, sizes, materials, colours and patterns (this list could go on and on). Beautiful as well as hardwearing and extremely durable, tiles are a great way to breathe stylish new life into the home, whether that is through kitchen tile ideas or bathroom tile ideas.

Lucy Marsh Interiors - Pibworth kitchen

For handmade luxury tiles such as this gorgeous pair of cockerels incorporate in a country house project try Marlborough Tiles.

We love these East Hampton by Fired Earth scalloped mosaic tiles,  perfect for a city pied a terre or a fresh look in a country house. 

Lucy Marsh Interiors - Pibworth kitchen

Bert and May Luna by Fired Earth tiles for an ethereal, atmospheric style.

Rare reclaimed and hand painted patterned tiles can be found from Maitland and Poate, providing the perfect statement floor or wall tiles for a bathroom.

Lucy Marsh Interiors - Pibworth kitchen

Herringbone tiles also give a classic look as illustrated in this Boot room below. This requires long slim tiles. We quite often use herringbone pattern on floors, and on shower walls too.

For a classic country style we love chequerboard tiles such as these sourced from Artisans of Devises. 

decorative wallpaper in hallway

Inspired by an antique Italian hand painted glazed tile these designs were created 100’s of years ago. Each tile is meticulously painted free hand. A colourful and traditional Italian palette of pigments. A non porous tile that requires no treatment. 

Incorporating tiles can add another dimension to a scheme, bringing texture, pattern and colour and there are a myriad to choose from as suppliers respond to this growing trend. 

If you would like some advice in choosing tiles for your own home,  or would like to have an informal consultation with Lucy please contact the Studio at