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At Home with Addison Ross

Styling is a very specific part of interior design. I divide a room in to sections and see each area separately, as if focusing through a camera lens.  From this I take a central piece, a lamp, a vase or a piece of artwork and build layer on layer, piece by piece, moving objects around until they sit harmoniously together.  The items must complement one another in colour, shape, and texture to add contrast and depth to the scheme.

The pieces might have sentimental value, such as a piece bought back from a memorable holiday, or something that may have been inherited, reminding you of a special person or experience. They add a personal reference and bring personality and decoration to a home.  When buying for my clients I like to find one-off pieces from some of my favourite haunts.  Bespoke items, or something a bit different which will be unique to the client, rather than something just because its ‘on trend’ which their friends will have too.

lucy marsh portrait
Addison Ross enamel frames

I first came across Addison Ross through my former employer Nina Campbell, as she sells their collection in her shop on Walton Street. I particularly love the colourful range of enamel photo frames and often specify these for my clients as they add a colourful contemporary style to my designs, using them to highlight the colours in the scheme.  

I love their scalloped edge lacquer trays. I have used these in playful orange for a contemporary city penthouse apartment, and in soft pretty pinks and aquas for more classical country house schemes. They are practical and really attractive, and on trend with a move towards everything scalloped this season. I also love the leather frames, particularly the croc and shagreen finishes which I use in my luxury designs. 

It’s an extensive range, which allows me to choose, like a child in a sweetshop, specific finishes to go with my own  interiors collection such as these bespoke pink cushions handmade with fabrics from Lewis and Wood, Fermoie and GP & J Baker,  and dusty pink complementary herringbone throws. All available in our online shop.  

pink addison ross frame
Lucy Marsh and Sarah Ross

It’s great to be able to collaborate with Sarah Ross, Addison Ross’s founder and creative director.  As a close neighbour we often meet up, to swap notes and share ideas, I am so inspired by how she has developed a family business and created a global brand.

Please contact the Studio for more information about Lucy Marsh Interior Design Services, and visit the Addison Ross website to see their luxury homeware collection.