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Where to Buy Fine Art

Collecting art has become increasingly fashionable over the past few years and subsequently, increasingly more accessible. There are now many different ways to buy art, from art fairs and exhibitions in galleries, to having your own personal fine art agent, or for those in the know, buying direct from auction houses.   I find works for my clients from various sources, sometimes even commissioning a bespoke piece from an up and coming artist.

Bespoke Commissions

Paper Sculptor Patricia Mitchell produces unique, bespoke botanical & zoological paper sculptures. These works of art are painstakingly created in 3D, featuring landscapes inspired from the desert, rainforest and tundra. I am just designing with Patricia an African paper sculpture for my client’s home office.

Patricia Mitchell paper sculpture

Emerging Artists

Artist Jazzy Westinghouse. Like most artists her style is influenced from experiences in childhood. Jazzy spent hers immersed in different cultures and environments living in Asia and America. Her style is distinctive and colourful and her artwork looks particularly fabulous when hung against strong atmospheric walls.


Cricket Fine Art Gallery

This is probably my favourite gallery. I have bought a piece by Katya Grindneva – it’s a Russian Ballerina and I had to have her as, with no girls in my house, except me and the dog, I needed a bit of femininity in my life; and an abstract landscape of Cornwall by Myles Oxenford which is one of my favourite places in the world.

Leslie Pratt of Cricket Fine Art commented on the current art market, “The past year has been extraordinary and, despite the global health pandemic, Cricket Fine Art has continued to hear from trusted clients, along with a number of new ones. Our art consultancy services have gone from strength to strength; with offices closed, and people working from home, our clients have chosen to expand their art collections over all genres.”

Art Gallerists

Etalage who specialise in sourcing antique fine art prints, vintage oil paintings, decorative pictures, gallery walls & interior accessories to enhance any house, hotel or interior project. Really inspired my interiors by their collections of botanicals and corals which are so elegant. They look particularly stunning when hung on botanical wallpaper, and when they are hung in groups. There is something very effective about the repetition of a set of prints.

Geoff Catlow

Auction Houses and Art Consultants

Regional auction houses are no longer the domain of just dealers, as the process of buying is simplified for all. With online auctions and virtual galleries at houses such as Dreweatts in Newbury, or Chiswick Auctions where clients can leave bids, or bid online, which makes the process far more accessible and less intimidating. Rather than buying a modern decorative piece, clients can buy a work or art with a history. A piece that they can reframe and hang with a sense of renewal and repurpose.

Art Consultants, Suzie Horsey and Louisa Warfield, of Surface ICA have an incredible collection of established and emerging artists. I love the variety of styles (and prices) that they offer.  Buying art should be an uplifting experience as highlighted by Suzie Horsey:-

“Now that Spring is upon us and we are all feeling more optimistic, we have really noticed that our clients are craving colour!
Colour is one of the most exciting aspects of a painting, whether its figurative or abstract, colour creates the mood and enhances the emotions.
A carefully chosen piece of art with the right palette will transform your home and make you smile for many years to come. “

Above all art should be acquired because the client likes it, rather than because it’s by a particular artist or because it’s going to be an investment piece. For me there is an enormous reward to be gained from living with art that inspires you, it can bring total joy, and allow us to reflect on life. With the art world being in hibernation due to the covid pandemic, now would be a great time to invest in that one off fabulous piece.

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