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Bringing the Outside In

Never more so than today has health been on our agenda. Both physical and mental health. We are encouraged to spend time outside, enjoying the natural environment around us. Increasingly there’s a tendency for us to bring the garden inside as we collect flowers, grow our own fruit and vegetables, and grow our own indoor plants.

After a long winter, as the first signs of spring begin to shoot through, it’s time to turn our thoughts to the outside. When bringing the outside in, we can mimic the beauty, shapes and colours of nature. When creating a cosy space, we can use warm autumnal hues and rich wood. For an active, bright and airy space choose green colours and plants create a more natural scheme.

Play with Plants

The simplest way to bring the outside in is by decorating with plants. Whether you think big with a potted olive tree or adorn your shelves with small succulents, having living, breathing plants in our homes gives a more natural feel. Play with different sizes, shapes and colour combinations and try different styles of vases and planters.  I often visit Petersham Nurseries, a great source of inspiration for design and colour schemes.

Pattern and Colour

Framed botanicals and paintings of tropical fruits are really in vogue. There is also a trend back to using tropical fruit and botanicals on fabrics. I adore this bold green fabric by raptureandwright and these green hues are mirrored throughout the scheme in the furniture and accessories.

Take the Inside Outside

Increasingly I’m being asked to design outdoor spaces as part of my interior design brief. There is a definite blurring of the lines between inside and outside living. With so many gorgeous outdoor products now on offer, it is possible to create an al fresco entertaining, dining and relaxing space without compromising on style. Beautiful fabric houses such as Christopher Farr Cloth, Thibaut and Designers Guild are all making stunning patterned fabrics which are suitable for outdoor use.

Similarly, furniture companies such as Neptune Home and Lloyd Loom provide styles which are suitable for use right into the winter months.

Do you have an outdoor terrace that you use all summer long, which could be adapted to use throughout the seasons? Think Mediterranean, and create an Italian terrace, or increase the size of your living space by converting a pool house for winter use. I can’t help thinking that Covid has helped create this change, where we are looking to inhabit the outdoors more so than ever before.

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