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Pattern on Pattern

This season it’s all about small print, block print and pattern on pattern. We’ve gone full circle from calm colours and plains to myriad different patterns.

More is most definitely more, with layer on layer of pattern. From rugs to upholstered chairs to lampshades and curtains. If you’re thinking of updating your home it’s good to handpick some of your existing pieces, using these as the starting point for a new scheme.

interior design – four material rolls illustrating blue block print pattern

Try some of our favourite block prints from Pukka Prints, Fermoie, Chelsea Textiles, Christopher Farr, and GP and J Baker, all of which have released the most stunning patterns this autumn.

interior design – red pattern curtains with armchair with red pattern cushion
interior design – green pattern sofa with blue pattern curtains
interior design – red pattern cushion on rattan chair

Fabrics by GP & J Baker

Be brave. Pattern is back!